Incoco Dry Nail Polish

I just had to write a post on these dry nail polish strips as I just love the concept - applying 100% dry nail polish that could last upto fourteen days for only £6.00 from Asos. This sounds perfect for taking on holiday and also perfect for trying out as a treat.

I am also in love with the chic packaging above ( it reminds me of Pantone paint swatch cards) however for some strange reason this packaging is only available in Spain....if you live in the UK or US this is most likely what you would receive.

Not that pretty, hey. Maybe Incoco think that we need very informative packaging so we know what we are actually buying. I really don't think this would stand out from the rows of false nails & nail art sets if it was placed in the likes of Boots or Superdrug. Having said that I am still...

..very impressed with the colour range and quality of these, here is a little picture of Bling Bling and 24 Karats. They look amazing don't they. Sadly they aren't available on the ASOS website.
But here are the ranges that are available -

Fashion Collection - Ocsar Night
Black Diamonds

Pink Collection - Lush Blush
Juicy Peach
Sweet Kiss

Red Collection - Passion
Red Velvet

French Manicure - Fair Dust

In the set you do get quite alot - there are 16 colour strips (perfect for if you mess up!) a cuticle stick, a mini file to neaten off the edges and a special polish pad remover to remove them all.

So have I tempted you? I am very tempted to try Oscar Night and Lush Blush (a lovely coral shade). Ofcourse if I do cave in and purchase them you will all be the first to see my dry polish nails!



  1. oh interesting I've always fancied trying these xx

  2. so are they like stickers? very odd, but intriguing!

  3. @Emma Jade - They are kind of strange..they are quite thin and somewhat stretchy and when you apply them there is no creasing or air bubbles.

    Fee @ Makeup Savvy


  4. that is so ridiciously amazing.
    i need some right now.
    they look great.<3

  5. Those are like nail foils minus the glue, and Minx, minus the heat lamp.
    I would recommend swiping your nails with a cotton ball of polish remover to remove any oils from your fingers before application. It should get them to adhere longer. :)

  6. this is genius! because i can never wait long enough for my nails to dry! i always end up tinkering with something and end up messing up my nails. this would be so wonderful.


  7. omg this is cool, i wanna try it!!
    but i love thick nail polish XD
    but need very long time to wait my nails dry..
    thanks foe sharing :)

  8. dang I am absolutely loving this idea!


  9. These are fabulous, i love them, they are really easy to use and last 2weeks!! My clients cant get enough of them.

  10. Makes doing a home french manicure soooo easy!

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