3 April 2010

Follow me on Twitter...

I don't know why I haven't posted this sooner. I love tweeting and posting twitpics so come follow/talk to me @Makeup Savvy

Fee xx


tor xoxo said...

I'll follow you babe, I'm @tornumber9 if you would like to follow me back?
Also, I received the Apricot Scrub to review, I've used it once, I'm planning on writing the review after a week's use, so will get back to you with that really soon!


Fee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fee said...

Oh thats great. Hope the St Ives Scrub has worked out for you :)

Fee xx

Dani said...

mine is _DoubleTake (it's a joint beauty/fashion twitter with my brother)

i've followed you :)

Eyelining said...

Following! You know you can get a little widget from Twitter to put on your blog if you want x

Beauty Vibes said...

I'm following you as well now :) @BeautyVibes

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