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Perfume Oil @ Makeup Savvy
I feel like I am showing my age when I say that my first perfume oil from The Body Shop was 'Fuzzy Peach' which has long since been sadly discontinued. However I am only 21 so it's okay!
But I do feel like I am a lifetime fan of these miniature bottles of perfume oil.

As a teenage the price and staying power is what first attracted me and remains to do so today.
There are currently nine 15ml scents in this range all priced at £6.50 and also 2 larger versions of 30ml for £10 +.
The two perfume oils as above are Coconut and Strawberry Perfume Oil.

As you can probably see I have had the Strawberry perfume oil for a long time, it has changed in colour, however this hasn't affected it at all and is still as strong as the day I purchased it probably 2-3 years ago!
As for what it smells like I don't think I need to go into it too much as I am sure we all know what Strawberries smell like however The Body Shop describe it as having top notes of strawberry, red apple peel and redcurrant. But to be honest I can only smell strawberries with a hint of warmth which tones it down slightly.

It is an ideal perfume to wear in summer especially on a really warm day as the fragrance just seems to linger around you.

Perfume Oil @ Makeup Savvy
The other perfume oil I own is the Coconut oil which currently residues in my bag. I have had it for a little over a year now and as you can see there is alot left and this isn't because I don't use it. It's because perfume oil lasts for such a long time because you just down need to be re-apply it throughout the day.

As for the scent I would describe it as a sweet coconut smell with a hint of warm vanilla this is definitely a dupe of 'G' from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers. They smell VERY similar.

Thought I would leave you with a little video I created just to show you more of the product, if you do like this please do leave me a comment as I may do more to show off the products I review a little better.

These are just two of my favourites and of course Fuzzy Peach however I highly recommend that you have a sniff of all the perfume oils next time you are in The Body Shop.

I am also a fan of solid fragrances so I may do a post on afew of my personal favourites at a later date.

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  1. love perfume oils. i have a vanilla one from the body shop that i've had for a while. and that stop motion video is adorable! great job :)


  2. Oooo! I definately want to try this out now!

  3. Hi honey! I really do think Soap & Glory's The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser is worth trying! It is such an amazing product! I also noticed that Sam Chapman too has recently raved about it!

    you're luck you live in the UK! I don't know what I will do when I run out of it!

  4. i've never seen perfume oils in the body shop! i'll have to have a hunt next time i'm in there cause these look lovely!
    Also i don't know if you know but they brought back fuzzy peach as a shower gel? it's part of the 'Anita's favourites' range and smells yummy! x

  5. they're great aren't they? I love the coconut one. I add it to Palmers' Cocoa Butter to a make a much cheaper version of the coconut body butter :) x

  6. I was in TBS this week and remembered this post so I picked up the coconut oil and I'm glad I did coz I now smell like holidays!

  7. I remember my mum always having those Body Shop perfume bottles in the bathroom and being completely obsessed with them. Hers had the 80's black lids and matte bottles, which I still think are prettier.

    I have to say when I was a kid Fuzzy Peach was my favourite too and I'm sure I still have a bottle of it secreted around my room somewhere. And I'm 25, so if you're showing your age, so am I! :)

  8. The dancing perfumes are so cute! I never knew that The Body Shop still did perfume oils. I just found them on their website.

  9. i definitely wanna try this out. i literally hear them calling me. lols

    lee shin

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