This week I have been...

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Image - Nato Welton

..Thinking about doing some kind of round-up, as my blog posts are going to be mainly reviews, comparisons and the odd ramble, it would be good to end the week by doing a 'This week I have been...' post. Just to summarize and mention things that don't need a whole post.

So this week I have been...
  • Spending time reading more blogs than magazines - for the simple fact, blogs are more varied and packed full of content. Apposed to the beauty section in March's edition of Elle magazine that had all of 8 pages.
  • Thoroughly enjoying blogging about beauty.
  • Testing out a mere 5ml's of the new Dior Capture Totale One Essential - the most perfect serum I have every tried but at £75.00 for 30ml it makes me sad.
  • Traumatizing myself by standing on a sewing needle that was stuck in the carpet which decided to embed itself in my foot, bar about 2cms.
  • Last but not least...I've been eating large amounts of noodles while celebrating Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day in Manchester Chinatown with my lovely fiancee.

Image - Taken by myself.
(Chinatown - 14th February)

Hope you all have had a nice week.

Fee x
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  1. Just wanted to say hello as i'm a new follower :) I really like this idea for a weekly feature! xoxo p.s ouch about the needle!!


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